Here are some clients’ references. You can access more recommendations on LinkedIn or in our Google My Business listing. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Squirrel (Seattle, USA)

“Patrick is a digital marketing ninja, and Stratefly’s services are worth more than you might think. Patrick’s approach is focused but holistic at the same time. I highly recommend him!”

Matt Gerdes, Founder and CEO

Groupe Hotello (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)

“To absolutely contact for any need of training in webmarketing! Patrick knows how to adapt to any audience and all levels and work his speech accordingly; he has great expertise in terms of website creation, traffic optimization, SEO, use of social media. I recommend him with your eyes closed!”

Carole Tarterat, Sales Director

Alpes Chute Libre (Chambéry/Gap-Tallard, France)

“I have requested Patrick to create my website, and I am very satisfied with the result! He helped develop and energize my site with professional advice, to the delight of my students.”

Quentin Borg, Skydiving Instructor

CCI PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France)

“Patrick has led several webmarketing courses (strategy, web visibility, e-reputation and social networks) for hospitality professionals on behalf of the PACA CCI. He perfectly listened to our needs while offering creative solutions. He also knows how to surround himself with very efficient collaborators. Participants particularly appreciated his availability and practical advice. We will rework with pleasure with Patrick!”

Marion Lorrain, E-tourism and Innovation Project Manager

Bettina Vermillon (Brussels/Paris, Belgium/France)

“I had the opportunity to work with Patrick on the creation of a website. He has been able to listen to our needs and respond very clearly to our specifications. His availability, his sincerity and his valuable advice in Digital Marketing make him a very good project manager.
I really enjoyed working with Patrick!”

Julie Bret-Biron, Office Manager

Fastbooking (Paris, France)

antonio-anguiano-fastbooking“Patrick is highly skilled in online business enhancement and project management. I will not hesitate to recommend him as I have personally seen the outstanding results of his work!”

Antonio Anguiano, Director of Revenue Optimization Asia

Newhotel (Marseille, France)

steven-bak-newhotel“We first hired Patrick to help us develop our presence on social media. His mission expanded to therebuilding of our website. He accompanied us in finding the right agency and then managed the project which was a success. He also facilitated the implementation of web marketing tools to maximize our efficiency on the web. His last duty was to assist us in hiring and training our Web Marketing Manager. Patrick is a very pleasant person and we were extremely happy to work with Patrick and particularly appreciated his expertise, that’s why we still have some projects with him”

Steven Bak, Executive Director

Couffin Privé (Marseille, France)

jonathan-martelly-couffin-prive“My business partner and I wanted to congratulate Patrick for his support. His rigour and expertisewere key assets. We will not hesitate to hire him again for our next consultations.”

Jonathan Martelly, Director

Revolution’air (Nîmes, France)

helene-tourasse-revolutionair“I asked Patrick to help us develop our presence on social media. He met our expectations by creating a real community of engaged and enthousiasts fans. He also provided us with valuable tips tooptimize our marketing. Patrick is part of our skydiving videomen tandem team and he can give us practical advice as he is fully involved in our business.”

Hélène Tourasse, Manager

Gym Suédoise (Montréal, Canada)

marianne-waldenstrom-gym-suedoise“Patrick helped me to develop the web strategy for The Swedish Gym Association in Canada. By giving us precious advice on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, he contributed to the expansion of the Swedish Gym on the Canadian market and I thank him for that.”

Marianne Waldentsrom, Owner and President

Sonic Flywear (Empuriabrava, Espagne)

carole-daures-sonic“Thanks to Patrick I improved the strategy of communication of my company. Quick and clear, it has helped us plan, organize and materialize a target of internet marketing. Taking into account my lack of training in this “world”, he has leaded me and taught me the communication strategies and social media. Very quickly, I was able to appreciate the positive effects of his very professional work.”

Carole Daures, Sales Manager

Phéromone (Montréal, Canada)

philippe-leroux-pheromone“Patrick was responsible for different clients in the tourism industry including Club Med North America and VIA Rail Canada, one of our biggest and oldest clients. His passion for Internet and his ability to learn quickly helped him to better identify and respond to clients needs. He’s able to take a lot of pressure without stress. He is a team player and his sense of humor was really appreciated by the team.”

Philippe Le Roux, President